Born on December 30, 1982 in Sant Privat d'en Bas (Girona).

At the age of 12, he began the first classes in artistic drawing and oil painting and, at 16, he had his first exhibition.

He had 4 teachers with different techniques and styles but all rooted in the Olot school.( https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escuela paisajista de Olot )

At the age of 20, he made his first collective and individual exhibitions in the south of France and in different parts of the Spain.

He currently paints daily in his painting studio or outdoors and has exhibited his works in Spain, France, Russia, Japan, China, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates.

Some prizes:

- Awarded on multiple occasions in the Anglès Fast Painting Contest, Girona (Spain)

- Prize at the Tavertet Fast Painting Contest, Barcelona (Spain)

- Honorary Award of the “Conseil Réginal Midi-Pyrénées” Soreze (France)

- Awarded on multiple occasions in the Olot Fast Painting Contest, Girona (Spain)

- Special Award "Herminio Regeuiro" IV memorial Àlex jean-mairet, La Vall d'en Bas, Girona (Spain)

- Prize for the best landscape “Salon international” Soreze (France)

- 1st Prize, Gold Medal “Château du Valmy” Argeles sur Mer (France)

- 2nd Painting Prize “Salon du Ripault” Le Ripault (France)

Audience Award "L'association la palette clairvalloise" Scorbé-Clairvaux (France)

Awarded at the Palais des congrès de Perpignan, Perpignan (France)



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