Nil Perujo Puig was born in 1992. He lilves in Anglès (Girona, Spain).

He holds Master's in Teaching Arts, Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and Senior high School Degree in Painting. Nowadays, he teaches Arts at the high School and devotes time in his own evolution as an artist.

With his paiting "Segovia vigilada por la muerte" he got the gold medal at the National Exhibition of Real Academia de Sant Quirce in Segovia.

Moreover, he has won over +20 national painting competiotions. Furthermore, Nil has exhibited his works in New York, Russia (Plyos), France and Barcelona, while being selected in the Modportrait International Portrait Contest in Zaragoza (2017) an Barcelona (2018).

He cultivates a figurative painting based on personal experiencies, leading him to create several master pieces that connects with his life lessons building up a ground-breaking language. [...] Empathy, for a lifetime. 

In this World Art Dubai presents the beginning of a project, based on the essence of life, using a very careful technique, highlighting the details in gold. The style of my works is based on figurative art with a subliminal message, where the viewer can give free rein to their imagination.  Where each butterfly takes me to the power of illusion, the power of change and a new path to discover. "Remember, leaving your mark is important."


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