Enric Colldecarrera

“when I paint, I don´t  think, I feel"


Born in Olot, Spain , abstract expressionist painter.

Member  of the Artistic Association "Àmbit Sant LLuc" of Olot (Spain).

Self-taught although he studied in his childhood in Fine Arts of Olot and Fine Arts of Sant Joan Les Fonts and in the School of Fine Arts "Da Vinci" (Barcelona).

After a long period without painting, he actively joined the creative process, inspired and influenced by the knowledge adopted from the abstract expressionists of the early twentieth century, especially by the work of Jackson Pollock.

It represents the starting point when he begins the stage investigating combinations of colors and superimpositions of materials using the "dripping" method. He seeks harmony and beauty in the language of abstraction. He paints works of great dimension, where color takes full autonomy until it becomes an essential element that establishes communication between the work and the viewer. The painter says that "painting is an idea of colors", "To paint a large painting is to place oneself inside the painting" and that "some works lead to dispersion and infinity", he has always said that "when he paints he does not think, he feels".

It is a painting of a multitude of sensations.

He is currently researching with material painting and is initiating himself into the world of sculpture.

Exhibitions in Spain , Belgium, South Korea, Dubai (EAU)


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