MARTA ARGENTINA: (C.V. summarized)

•             Born in Asturias, Spain.

•             Living and working in Reus (Tarragona), Spain.

•             Painting studies with the painter Vicenç Ferrer

•             Graduate in Arts and Crafts, “Painting Procedures” in the Art Workshop School, Diputación de Tarragona.

•             IMAC Scholarship holder in 1991.

•             Exclusive book about my work “MARTA ARGENTINA, beloved landscapes/paisajes queridos”.

•             Diverse publications in Arte Guía, Art Book,Taxcomic 3, Revis-Art,Diccionario Ràfols 98, Gal-Art 99-2022.

•             Art director of the Pinzell Trempat de Reus Association, (Tarragona).


AWARDS: (among others….).

 - Generalitat de Catalunya   First Prize in painting “Disseny de la Felicitació de   

    Nadal/Christmas greeting” (Tarragona),Spain.

 - Finalist, Scholarship Convocatory for the Real Academia de Historia, Arqueología  y  

    Bellas Artes in Rome, Department of International Affairs (Madrid), Spain..

 - First Prize for the “Logo Design SERIC-ROOM computering technology” (Tarragona).                                                                              

 - Second Prize, “I Premio de Pintura Ceferino Olivé”, Reddis Private Foundation,  Reus

   (Tarragona), Spain.                              

 - First Prize “Diseño logotipo Associació Pinzell Trempat-Pintors a l’oli”, Reus


 - First Prize,“Penagos de Dibujo Premio”, Madrid, Spain.

 - Second Prize, Anquin`s Gallery, Reus (Spain).

 -Gallery Award, Art revolution Taipei-Taiwan 2021.


•             From 2002 to 2022, different and frequent exhibitions, individual and collectives, national and international, as well as prizes.



•             Plein Air, in Plyos, Russia.Representing Spain.With 2 works in the  museum of Isacc Levitan in Plyos, the only landscape museum in Russia.

•             In 2020/2021, Work mentioned for its artistic quality and exhibition in Taipei. Also  exhibition in Dubai in the year 2020/21/22, Shangai and in Korea, in the latter, with work in a museum.

•             A watercolor exhibition in Reus, Spain, with work in the Reus museum,Tarragona, Spain.

•             Mexico.Dominicana R.: LaRomana, country House and Santo Domingo.

•             Private Foundation Reddis-Reus(Tarragona), Spain.With work in museum.


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