After elementary school and high school, I studied APPLIED ARTS at the School of FINE ARTS i Olot, perfecting drawing and painting with private classes with different renowned artists: Toni Tort, Teia Pons.

I learned different painting techniques and different styles during my training.

 Later I specialized in the realistic figure, always present in my work. The human body and the expression of the face are my inspiration and my hallmark. I am fascinated by Asian ethnicity. 

1992.- I made my first exhibition, in the city of Olot, COPERATIVA VALL DE BAS. 28 years ago I started painting and exhibiting, first in my city Olot, in the province of Girona. In December 1998, I did a solo exhibition in the city of Barcelona, later in the province of Barcelona, then

Tarragona and the rest of Catalonia and Spain. In May 99, my first exhibition abroad at ESPACE

VILLERS, ST. AMAND MONTROND, France. Professionally, I dedicated myself to teaching at the CENTER ESPLAI ART School of Art, in Olot, dedicating myself to drawing, painting and crafts classes. 

Which I directed between 2001 and 2007. Starting in 2007, I decided that what I really wanted to do was paint and express myself with my art. From 2007 to the present, I dedicate myself exclusively to painting, I participate in various art fairs in Catalonia and Spain. Alternate with exhibitions in Granollers, (Barcelona) Olot, (Girona) and Milan (Italy), Sitges (Barcelona).

 I have participated in several international fairs in Lyon, Marseille, Aix en Provence , Taipei (Taiwan) Suth Corea and Dubai.

 I am an artist at CARRÉ D’ARTISTES, a company that has more than 40 physical galleries around the world and a virtual gallery. Currently, I am a member of the artistic group: ARTALLADA: it is a group of seven Catalan painters, we have met with the aim of making quality art samples on the street. In this group I am the secretary. I consider myself a figurative, realistic painter. 

I experiment with different textures and techniques. I use collage, in my Vinta ge themes, marble dust, sand, cardboard, iron dust ..., with acrylic paints and oils and enamels, while still giving a totally figurative air to my work.


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